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7 Best Home Remedies to Fight Depression and Stress

Published on 3rd November 2017

Depression is a disorder of mental health. One can observe a change in emotions, behavior and psychology of a person suffering from depression. It is not a temporary phase or not any imaginary in the person’s head but a serious illness. It’s more than feeling joyless. Being ill is not a shame or problem. The problem is when people don’t share their illness. Sometimes depressed people can’t even realize that they are going under some mental illness. Depression is the leading cause of ill health worldwide and the major cause of suicide. 

If you are observing some weird behavioral, physical, mental and emotional changes in someone around your or within you, start helping today! Look on the list below for 7 home remedies for depression and stress

1. Eat healthy and proper diet
Eating right food is the key to healthy body and mind. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, proteinaceous diet helps in curing depression and keeps the brain working. Along with good eating habit, it is also necessary for a person to keep his/her body hydrated. 

2. Set your Goals
Setting life goals for yourself proves to be an effective way to fight stress and depression. You can set a major goal for you and to achieve that goal you can break your goals into short-term plans and short-term achievable goals. Achieving your short-term goal will boost up your morale and confidence. 

3. Get busy in some activities
To get rid of that self-damaging depression help yourself by keeping you busy in some activities. But make sure you keep yourself busy in activities that you love to do. Stay away from monotonous activities and tasks that you hate. 

4. Take proper rest and Sleep
To keep working, it’s important to take rest. Never cut down your sleeping hours and try to take 6 to 7 hours of sleep daily if you are an adult. Getting adequate sleep also helps to you get rid of depression. Try not to take your stress to your bed and sleep without any depressing thought. 

5. Meditate
Meditation is the most helpful activity that will help you to get rid of your depression. Give time to yourself and meditate every day for 15 minutes. You will certainly feel the change in your mood and mental health. 

6. Fish Oil
Studies have suggested that omega 3 fatty acid found in fish oil help to cure depression. These fatty acids play an important role in brain’s health and proper functioning. Having fish in your diet fulfills the omega 3 fatty acid need of the body. 

7. Exercise daily
When you exercise your body releases a chemical that binds to the receptor of the brain and helps you to reduce or ignore the understanding of your pain. The chemical released by the brain is called endorphins.